Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Have allergy or asthma problems? Improving your indoor air quality could improve your overall indoor air and reduce pollutants in your home. At R and B Heating and Air, our technicians are trained to quickly identify air problems and discuss all of your options available to improve the quality of your air.

What Causes Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Pollution, gases, high humidity, inadequate ventilation, and other particles released in the air cause poor indoor air quality. The main sources of pollutants come from wood, damp carpet, pesticides, gas, kerosene, asbestos, oil, household cleaning supplies, and many other pollutants.

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Indoor Air Quality Solutions

There are many ways to improve your overall indoor air quality. At R and B Heating and Air, we will work with you to develop a solution for your specific indoor air quality needs. One solution is to eliminate pollutants by controlling the source of the pollutant. Another solution is to improve ventilation to decrease pollutants. If needed, R and B Heating and Air will recommend an air cleaner to thoroughly clean the air in your home.


Request an Indoor Air Quality Consultation

To request an indoor air quality consultation, call R and B Heating and Air today at (530) 605-2629.